Jordan Bruce | A Love Story With Adaptogens

by | Oct 23, 2020 | Adaptogens, Stress

Nutritionist Jordan Bruce talks about how she discovered adaptogens and the impact they have had on her life.

In my early 20’s, I began working in a stressful, fast-paced environment. I know many of you can relate to this. Ten years of 12-hour workdays and nights left me feeling exhausted, easily overwhelmed and easily irritated. I was expected to multitask for the entire shift, which is very taxing on your memory and cognitive health. I was surrounded by people living to work and lost sight of my priorities in life, health and happiness. Outside of work, I felt I was living a healthy life – cooking all my own meals, eating whole foods and exercising, but it wasn’t enough. I wasn’t supporting my nervous system and my adrenal glands (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal HPA Axis) and it was impacting my digestion and mood. It’s easy to start gravitating towards high sugar foods and caffeine for more energy, however, those come with consequences and make the healing journey longer.

I started reading and obsessing over adaptogens – help the body adapt to stress – something I now use frequently in my nutrition consulting practice. I’d read blog posts and buy books on Ayurveda to learn more about this brand new topic. It quickly became a buzzword among the health-conscious as if adaptogens had been newly discovered. I quickly learned that Chinese and Indian cultures had been using these plants for centuries to support the body and aid it back into homeostasis. I knew my body needed help in adapting to work stress, so I consulted a holistic health care practitioner for more support and knowledge.

Common Adaptogen Characteristics:

  • Enhance energy production
  • Enhance blood sugar control
  • Support immune function
  • Improve cognition
  • Support adrenal function
  • Support reproductive function

Adaptogens can be easily integrated into one’s day so it became a routine for me, one that gave me life again. My digestion started to improve, I relied less on caffeine for energy and my mood became more stable. This experience led me to enrol to become a registered holistic nutritionist specializing in plant-based nutrition and supporting busy stressed women.

Thrive Remedies Organic Adaptogenic Teas can help with stress management.

You can take these ancient medicinal herbs in many forms: capsules, powders, tinctures and they’re often seen added to drinks and food. I love Thrive Remedies teas as they’re convenient while also nourishing my body from the inside out. Stress is my favourite blend as it includes one of my favourite adaptogens, ashwagandha, also referred to as Indian Ginseng. I expected the flavours to be intense, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s a soothing calming drink that reminds me of iced tea – something absolutely nourishing for my body and nervous system. Just picture sipping on rooibos tea, lavender, black currant, holy basil and ashwagandha. I feel more relaxed just thinking of those herbs.

The first scientific study I found on ashwagandha dates back to the 1950s, but as time continues, more and more research is being published. It’s part of the Solanaceae family which includes tomato, potatoes and eggplant. The anti-stress properties positively impact physical stamina, stress-related male infertility, memory, joint pain, inflammation and supports the immune system. There has even been a study on including adaptogens in tea for health benefits, just like Thrive Remedies. This adaptogen is known for gently sedating, grounding and calming the body, making it the perfect addition to your relaxing evening. Ashwagandha has a high content of withanolides, a natural steroid with immunomodulating effects. Withanolides also have the potential to be anticancer.

I’m no longer a full-time police dispatcher working all hours of the night, but I’m a small business owner passionately supporting and educating clients. I need to continue living the lifestyle I advocate for others. Sometimes, that means heading into nature, watching a good tv show or including adaptogens in my day. I love sipping on Thrive Remedies while working to support my hypothalamic pituitary adrenal axis (HPA axis) for more energy and less stress. Cheers to ancient medicine!


Jordan Bruce | | @jordanbrucerhn

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